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Application Process


The application is available on our website under the Admission tab and is sent electronically from the website to our office. There is an $80 application fee. To apply on-line, click here.

Records, Transcripts, and Supplements

Each applicant must submit an official transcript and two teacher recommendations from his/her current school. Applicants’ parents are responsible for requesting this information and ensuring its delivery to Williams Academy. These forms are available with the online application. Applicants are required to submit a writing sample and supplemental Student Questionnaire in support of their application. The Student Questionnaire is available with the online application.

Student Visit

All prospective students will spend an entire school day shadowing a current student in the appropriate grade level. This step is as important for the applicant as it is for our admission committee. Williams Academy teachers observe each candidate’s cognitive, physical and social development while the prospective student has the opportunity to experience “a day in the life” of a Williams Academy student.

Entrance Testing

Entrance testing is required for all applicants and helps our admission committee determine levels of academic ability and achievement. Testing is often administered here on campus if acceptable nationally normed testing is not available as part of the applicant’s current record.

Admission Decision

An admission committee of administrators and teachers carefully considers offering enrollment to each student candidate. Students who have clearly demonstrated the ability to succeed as citizens and students at Williams Academy are invited to enroll. Decisions are communicated to each candidate's family, with enrollment forms and information mailed to those candidates who are invited to enroll.