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Art is about seeing different perspectives, effectively communicating ideas, and finding inventive solutions to problems -- all essential skills for future leadership. That's why art is a key facet of a Williams Academy education. At Williams Academy, art is not extra: every student takes at least two years of art classes, and student art is part of almost every aspect of campus life.

With a combination of dynamic coursework and engaging afternoon activities, Williams Academy allows students to tailor their own individual art programs.

Williams Academy students can sample different media or pursue a specific discipline as far as their talent and passion will take them.

Whether they're interested in painting, choir or drama, students will enjoy cutting -- edge material, superb facilities like the innovative Wilson Larson Black Box Theater, Digital Media Studio and our Performing Arts Center, and first-class instruction from a faculty that includes a number of noted contemporary artists.

Our art program allows beginners to tap wellsprings of creativity they might never have realized they possessed -- while challenging our artistically gifted students to make the leap from good to great.