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Athletics at Williams Academy are very much a part of every student’s experience in a very positive and uplifting way. Whether a star soccer player or an eighth grader who wants to learn how to play basketball for the first time, there is a place for everyone to learn about and explore their athletic abilities.

Participating in sports at Williams Academy is about being a good team member, making a commitment to learning and trying new things, learning to win and to lose and having fun while doing it. Williams Academy has soccer, basketball, lacrosse for boys and girls, cross country, ski/snowboarding club, an aquatics program and a number of other disciplines. You’ll see smiles on faces and hear lots of encouraging words when you attend a match, a meet or a game where Williams Academy students are participating. We believe that physical fitness and good health practices are integral to a healthy mind and body. Providing these tools and lessons in a supportive and safe atmosphere gives every child the confidence they’ll need to embrace fitness, sports and their health as lifelong pursuits.