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How to Write Awesome School Blog Posts

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There are some key steps you should follow for any writing assignment, but a blog article has a few more aspects to it.

I’ve read many a superintendent’s and principal’s blog, and while I applaud that they have one and are using it to try to reach parents and other members of the school community, so often they are written like a dry, business letter. Good blog writing is much different than most business writing.

For starters, your blog article – or any writing or communications assignment, for that matter – should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Beginning, middle, end. Beyond that mantra, there are some keys to making your blog writing effective.

Your blog articles also need be topical, and believe me, there are lots of good and interesting topics that surround education in general and your school in particular. Your articles also need to clear, to the point, and worth shareable. Most important, blog writing takes a commitment on the part of your school's communications team– and sometimes some guidance – to feeding your blog machine.

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