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Global Education Travel Program

Williams Academy is committed to fostering understanding among people. We support our students and faculty in developing substantive collaborative relationships around the world—and in the next academic year, we will institute our most ambitious program to this end. We are proud to have received a most generous bequest, from the estate of Hilary Longmeadow ’46, for the endowment of the new Williams Academy Global Travel Program.

The endowed Global Education Travel Program, will ensure that all juniors have the opportunity for an issues-based experience outside the United States, at no cost to any student or faculty member. Students will travel either to China, to explore the theme of environmental sustainability; Chile, where they will collaborate with indigenous artists on an oral history project; Italy, to explore issues surrounding immigration; or India, where they will work with students to better understand and explore the emerging crises in food production in the developing world.

These trips will be the focus of special study units across the 11th grade curriculum throughout the school year.