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The mission of the Eleanor Savin Memorial Library is to foster an appreciation of, and an aptitude for, lifelong learning in students by collecting, organizing, and encouraging the use of a wide variety of print and electronic resources, in support of the curricula of Williams Academy, and by teaching information literacy and research skills through curriculum-integrated instruction.

Beyond that, the library is a place where students, teachers, and the Williams Academy community in general can “collect their thoughts.” After all, what is a library if not a collection of thoughts? While no one can dispute the expanse of the Internet, there is both immediacy and permanence to a physical library that can never be matched online. As importantly, a web browser can never replicate the joy of serendipity a reader feels when a book catches her eye from across the aisle or halfway down the shelf.

Williams Academy is proud of its library, and proud that it remains a social and intellectual heart of the campus.