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Planned Giving

Bequest - You may simply designate in your will  a specific dollar amount, percentage, or specific asset(s) such as equities, annuities, or other financial instruments, real estate, or tangible personal property (works of art or rare books) to Williams Academy.

Residual Bequest - After all other specific bequests and expenses have been paid, Williams Academy receives the balance, or a percentage of the balance, of your estate—the residual.

Contingent Bequest - Williams Academy is named the contingent--or--next beneficiary should your primary beneficiary pre-decease you.

Charitable Remainder Trust - A testamentary charitable remainder trust is created through a will and can provide income for a family member or friend. Williams Academy receives the remainder after a specified number of years or after the trust beneficiary dies. Alternatively, by providing payments first to Williams Academy for a number of years, a Charitable lead trust can be used to pass assets to heirs with significant tax advantages to the estate.

As a component of your financial planning, you should consult a financial advisor to discuss how the inclusion of Williams Academy in your estate planning can best serve your long-term financial goals, while providing much needed support to our school.

Please contact Director of Development Elaine Dallou to discuss your gift.