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Technology at Northampton Academy

The Technology Department strives to provide our students and teachers with state-of-the-art technology that fosters learning and innovation, and to equip students with the skills they need to function effectively in the digital world.

We manage the school’s internet connection, network infrastructure, data systems, computers, projectors, printers, and software. We also provide technical support and training to all Williams Academy students, faculty, and staff.

Student Laptops

Students are required to bring either a Mac or Windows laptop to school. Laptop requirements are posted on the website each spring for the upcoming year. During orientation, we make sure that each new student’s laptop is properly set up for school and we conduct training on how to use the school’s technology resources.


Williams Academy has three specialized computer labs. In the Modern Language Department, our 20-station Sanako language lab enables classes to participate in individual and group-based learning activities. The Art Department has a digital imaging lab with eleven 27-inch iMacs loaded with Adobe Creative Cloud, which includes Photoshop and InDesign. Lastly, there are fifteen workstations in the Applied Sciences building that are equipped for 3D design and CNC programming.


Our Upper School teachers use a digital learning platform called Haiku for posting assignments, sharing content, hosting class discussions, collecting homework assignments, and more. Students log into Haiku through their web browser.

We offer the current versions of Office and Windows free of charge to all students. Antivirus software is required for all computers on our network; we provide Sophos to any students who need it.

Specialized software is used in various classes and activities: Geometer’s Sketchpad and Mathcad (math), Starry Night (astronomy), SmartMusic (for instrumental students), LoggerPro (science), and Solidworks (pre-engineering), just to name a few.


The student print and copy room is located just outside the library; it includes a 3-D printer, which is used for certain approved projects. Students may also bring their own printer provided it is connected to their computer with a cable and not wifi.


Our Aruba wireless network covers all academic and administrative buildings, the dormitories, and many outdoor areas around campus.


The Tech Center is located on the ground floor of the Administration building, in the center of campus. Our knowledgeable staff and student techs handle all types of technology problems related to hardware, software, and network connectivity. If a hardware repair is needed, the student will receive a loaner laptop to use until his or her computer is fixed.

Student Tech Program

Approximately 30 students have been designated as student techs in fulfillment of their student job requirement. During their shift, student techs work alongside help desk staff, assisting other students with computer problems and gaining skills that will benefit them in college and beyond.