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Welcome From The Headmaster

Welcome to Williams Academy! As the eighth and current headmaster of Williams Academy, I am pleased to welcome you to our (virtual) campus. I am entrusted with the great responsibility of leading and upholding the values of this unique and remarkable school. I am honored to invite you to engage with and consider joining our dynamic community.

Williams Academy represents a blending of a rigorous and progressive core curriculum with an emphasis on the arts, music and achievement through sport. This, of course, is what many schools say. What really makes Williams Academy different is the quality of thought that our students achieve. Not only do they learn to question and draw their own conclusions; they love to question and experiment. They embrace the diverse styles of teaching and learning that they experience, from classroom round table discussions to debates, scientific experiments, lectures, multimedia presentations and self-directed independent study. In fact, they often have suggestions for us as teachers as to how we might do something a little differently, a little better. The consistent growth and enhancement of our program that we see is therefore a quite organic, robust achievement—and it is, we believe, different from that of any other school out there.

Furthermore, the dedication, creativity, and spirit of our faculty and staff create a supportive and exciting environment where young people can grow into their most realized selves. The experience of an education here at Williams Academy, along with the bonds formed between classmates, changes people’s lives. Please browse this website for a taste… and then come visit us and see for yourself!

Donald Washburn